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I am Vincent "The Vampyre" Psykic. I specialize in making the highest quality dental caps which are custom made and custom fitted. I use the highest quality materials to create unique and individualized teeth and fangs to the exact specifications of the client. I can create just about any style of fangs or teeth that you can imagine, and I'm always looking for new styles to create and/or replicate.

And not only am I a builder of high quality dental special effects, I pride myself on also being a designer. That means that not only do I replicate styles of teeth and fangs seen in movies and television, but I'm also able to design new styles to achieve a certain look or a signature style. This is evidenced by the number of unique teeth and fangs that I've already created, and I have many more that have yet to take form. I try to be a versatile fangsmith, covering a range of styles from the conventional vampyric to the demonic to the therianthropic/anthropomorphic and beyond.

The majority of my business comes from the general public, though recently I have been getting commissioned to do work for film and television. Thus I've attempted to make the site accommodating to both types of customers, and I typically respond to all e-mails within 24 hours.

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