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Single pair sets - $160 each

These are of course the traditional style vampire fangs. Not much to say about these, they're just the plain old classic.

"True Blood" replica 

This set is one of the most basic vampiric sets. It consists of a single pair of long lateral incisors. This set is very dramatic and visible, so it's well suited to more theatrical purposes. 

Nosferatu fangs

 If the Traditionals are a classic, then this style is an antique. These are based on the fangs of the vampire in the 1922 German film, "Nosferatu." I speculate that they were intended to look like the fangs of the vampire bat.

Double sets - $320 each
Basic Long Double Set

A very dramatic vampyric set, with canines and lateral incisors both in a long length. Definitely a fierce and noticeable style.


The discerning customer will notice that this set is in reality just a short double set. I decided to name it "Daysider" because I feel it's a useful set for those who wish to stay true to their vampyric roots while still going about their dayside activities. This set it short enough to be easily concealed, but I think that most customers will find that the subtlety of this set makes it unnecessary to hide them.

Underworld replica 

This set is a replica of the style worn by the vampyres in the film "Underworld." A friend of mine said it best when she said that, "they don't really have fangs, they just have vampyric teeth." The "Underworld" set consists of short lateral incisors with the points very near the inside edge, and short canines. 

Lost Boys replica 

This set is a replica of the fangs worn by the vampires in the film "The Lost Boys." With long lateral incisors and short canines, this set has a very dramatic appearance, and is useful for play with a CONSENTING  partner.

Bordello of Blood Replica 

This set is a based on the fangs worn by the female vampires in the film "Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood." It's a very feminine set that I personally think is the sexiest set, although they are quite long and dramatic.

Triple sets - $480 each
Interview with the Vampire Replica 

One of the most popular styles ever, and with good reason. The "Interview with the Vampire" replica is a beautiful set that's very well designed. With short fangs on the lateral incisors and bicuspids, and mediums fangs on the canines, they're halfway between subtle and dramatic. FYI, I can also make these in a variety of styles, including the longer length seen in the movies feeding scenes, and the style Claudia wore, with a less dramatic shape to them.

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer replica (The Master)

The styles of fangs worn on "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" were fierce and complex, many with grooves and double-points. The pictured set is a replica of the fangs worn by the vampire referred to as "The Master." I can also make replicas of Angel or Spike. 

Buffy: The Vampire Slayer replica (Angel/Angelus)

The styles of fangs worn on "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" were fierce and complex, many with grooves and double-points. The pictured set is a replica of the fangs worn by Angel or Angelus. 

Psykic Signature Set 

This set is one of my original creations. And the set I wear when I want my fangs noticed. A very dramatic and theatrical set, my signature style has fangs of descending lengths; long lateral incisors, medium canines, and short bicuspids. They're as useful for biting as the "Lost Boys" replica (though I should remind you never to bite a non-consenting person), with a slightly fiercer look.

Four or more pair sets - Priced As Listed
Hybrid Set - $640

The "Hybrid" style is a customer creation. I decided to call it "Hybrid" for two reasons. Firstly, this style is a hybrid of a number of other fang styles; the canines and bicuspids of the "Interview with the Vampire" style, the lateral incisors of the "Underworld" set, and the lower canines of the Wolf style set. Secondly I call this style "Hybrid" because the general appearance looks more like a vamp/wolf hybrid then anything I've ever seen.

Corvinus Set - $1,280-1,600

If ever I was going to call a set my masterpiece this would be it. This set is a replica of the teeth of Michael Corvin in the movie "Underworld: Evolution". And it's also a replica of the teeth of the lycans while in mid-transformation. To be completely accurate, this set consists of 10 pairs, top and bottom frontal and lateral incisors, top and bottom canines, and top and bottom first and second bicuspids. However, I'm offering the set without the bicuspids for those who want the look, but who don't care about an exact replica. This is a hell of a set, and will definitely get you noticed.

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