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All sets priced As listed
Unicorn - $200

This is a very unique original creation by Psykic Fangs. The Unicorn fangs are meant to replicate the spiraling ridges usually seen on the horn of the mythical unicorn. I wish I had a better camera so I could capture the detail of this set fully, but I think that from this picture you can get a general idea. This is a specialty set, which means it incorporates something which makes it very unique and/or unusual, and this set in particular requires a great deal more work and effort in forming the ridges then with a normal set, hence the price being set so high. I mostly made these simply as a challenge to myself just to see if it could be done.

Carnivore - $480

This is a very cool, yet highly versatile set. Especially good for cosplayers, this set creates the full-mouth-of-sharp-teeth look with only three pairs. I couldn't even attempt to list every character from anime, comics, video games and movies to which this set could apply. 

Jagged Mouth - $480

Jagged Mouth is a demonic set of my own creation. It incorporates long frontal incisors, short lateral incisors, and long canines. It should be noted that I can speak while wearing this set without the slightest hint of a speech impediment. And being that these are individual caps, you can make a number of styles with this one set, remove the front incisors and you've got a beautiful vampyric double set, if you take out the laterals and canines, then you're left with the "Nosferatu" replica. Or you can just wear the canines and go for a dramatic traditional vamp set.

Flesh Eater - $640

This is a truly fierce set, and another original creation by Psykic Fangs. This set is essentially just my Psykic Signature set taken to the next level by adding the "Nosferatu" frontal incisors. And being that these are individual caps, you can wear one or all of the fangs at once. And just as the style above, I can speak perfectly while wearing these. 

Hell-Spawn - $800

This is actually the result of a client who got several pairs in order to create a number of different styles. This was one of the more unique and interesting ones. Some may notice that this set is actually the Psykic Signature set with bottom canines and bottom bicuspids. 

Freak - $960

This six pair set was a collaberation with a woman that I knew briefly long ago, but remains memorable to this day. 

"Star Trek: Discovery" Klingon - ON SALE FOR $600!

This set is unlike any that I've made before. While technically being a full-mouth set covering eight pairs of teeth, each fang cap covers two teeth; therefore, are only four pairs of actual teeth. I was actually rather excited to make these. I'm a big fan of Star Trek, and in it's 50+ year history, Star Trek: Discovery is the first iteration to have a species designed with a unique and iconic design for their teeth that can be replicated and recognized. I am going to have these on sale for $300 for a while. The normal price will be $440; pricing these was a bit difficult, as a set that covers eight teeth would normally be $720, yet a set made up of four pairs would normally be $360; I ended up deciding on a middle ground that was on the low end. 

Grell - $1,280

One of the most vicious looking sets I've ever created. It was intended as a replica of the character Grell Sutcliff from the anime Black Butler, however it would likely work equally well with any character with a full mouth of fangs. This is a full 8 pair set.

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